Reluctant - Luke Brooks (Fanfic)

Reluctant - Luke Brooks Fanfiction



Alex Bennett becomes close friends with James Yammouni after she starts a new year at Penola college. When she meets player Luke Brooks will she fall for his good looks and charm or will she be reluctant to let him break down her barrier? Will she be able to forgive him each time he unintentionally hurts her?

Chapter One - New school & new beginnings 
Chapter two - Crude comments & first kisses 
Chapter three - Sweets texts & toilet paper 
Chapter Four - Spilt drinks & old tricks 
Chapter Five - Hurt feelings & drunken words 
Chapter Six - Dried tears & deleted texts 
Chapter Seven - Hot tea & holding hands 
Chapter eight - Bloody lips & concealer 
Chapter Nine - Hot chocolate & cuddles 
Chapter Ten - Clean cars & promises 
Chapter Eleven - Skipping school & guitar picks 
Chapter Twelve - Stray strands & soft lips 
Chapter Thirteen - Jager bombs & busted lip 
Chapter fourteen - Shared showers & cold crumpets
Chapter Fifteenth - Chick flicks & hollowed cheeks 
Chapter Sixteen - Scraped knee & warm kisses 
Chapter Seventeen - Returning favors & muffled moans
Chapter Eighteen - Salty skin & sloppy kisses
Chapter Nineteen - Small towels & pink stud
Chapter Twenty - Goose bumps & Beautiful smiles

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I started writing just over three months ago and it would mean so much if you could check out my fanfiction, maybe even comment and vote if you like? Comment what you would like to happen next? <3

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when you say something funny and your friends laugh


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Finishing off your man like


What I’d like to know is, what the fuck he was actually doing?!

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